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Ulrike Voelcker
Früher und Heute
Bochum (D) 2017, 80 pp., 29.7×21 cm, booklet
Text: German and English
After some technical descriptions and advice follow 20 prickings to work.

Ulrike Voelcker has reconstructed 10 pieces of lace from the 18th and 19th century. These are for the most part straight lace edgings, sometimes with corners but there are also partial reconstructions (i.e. single motives sampled from an old lace).

Furthermore she has designed 10 new patterns in the technique. These are single, often floral motifs or arabesques in Valenciennes ground (e.g. as medallions or window decoration) but also straight lace again.

Pricking, working diagram, short instruction and picture of the finished lace are included for each pattern.